Services Offered


Whether there is a new saddle, new horse, or arena project in your future, a professional consultation can make the difference.

Saddle-Fitting Consultation

April has many years of experience and the knowledge needed to determine if your saddle fits both you and your horse. Proper saddle fit is a very important factor for your horse especially, but also for your own comfort and security. A poorly-fitting saddle can not only harm and cause irreparable damage to your horse, but can also harm you. You can bring your horse and saddle to YFRS for a consultation or April can come to you to make sure you’ve got the right saddle for both you and your horse. 

Horse Purchase Consultation

Thinking of buying a horse? Sometimes it’s better to have a knowledgeable eye with you when you go looking for “the right horse.” April can help you select your new equine partner. Not all horses suit everybody, and this service can help you to save both time and money. It is always a joy to fit the right horse to the right rider.

Arena Consultation

Build new or repair the existing? Many horse barn owners have faced this dilemma, and usually it ends up being a costly exercise. At YFRS, we have a superb outdoor arena that truly has stood the test of time and looks as good today as it did when it was first built. The arena was built to the specifications of the International Federation of Equestrians (FEI). If you are considering building your own arena and need experienced advice or simply are looking to repair or update your current arena, we can help by pointing you in the right direction…….and not the most expensive either! Some unscrupulous companies may rely on your lack of knowledge and will drain you of your savings. You can undertake this project and make an excellent job of it without breaking the bank!

Arena Rental

The YFRS arena is available for rental outside of lesson   time. This is when weather conditions permit.

All renters must abide by and agree to the following terms:-

1.    Signed and dated Disclaimer/Waiver per annum. Signed on first date.

2.    A Current Negative Coggins and copy left with YFRS on first date. (No Coggins no ride)

3.    Pick up your horse droppings (poop) wherever it may land prior to leaving the property.

4.    Any damages to  be made good financially or like for like whichever suits YFRS.

5.    Helmets MUST be worn when riding.

6.    Arena rental is on a time booking basis. All rental times are hourly. If you are late for your booked time then the onus is on you to be out   of the arena at the agreed time of booking.

7.    Request booking rental time via telephone or email.

8.    All arena rentals are booked on a mutually agreed time by renter and YFRS.

9.    YFRS has the right to refuse rental.

10.   We ask that you respect the property at YFRS and drive carefully on the grassed areas.

11.   Rental Charge is $10 per person per hour.

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